Find cheap horse loan. Read more about your options after this overview.

Danes are fond of animals, be it cats, dogs or horses. Cats and dogs, however, are usually easier to obtain financially, where horses are a different matter. Owning a horse is generally associated with high costs for equipment, barn space, fodder, veterinary visits, etc. and in addition to the expensive cost. It may therefore be necessary to borrow money for advice. Here there is the possibility of taking out a loan in the bank, but there is a relatively high chance of being rejected as the loan must be used for consumption, which the bank is not happy to issue a loan to.

Should you be interested in going around the bank, you can easily find alternative loan methods. You have the option of taking out a loan online instead. When you borrow online you do not provide security to the loan provider and in addition you do not need to explain what the money is to be used for. This makes the online loan much easier and faster to get into place. Read here to learn more about borrowing a horse online.

Horse loan – how much can be borrowed?

Horse loan - how much can be borrowed?


You have the opportunity to borrow both large and small amounts online. However, how much you can borrow will depend on the loan provider you choose and the type of loan you choose. Here we have divided the loans into two types – a consumer loan and a quick loan. What the difference is, you can read here.


With a consumer loan you have the opportunity to borrow larger amounts, more specifically you can borrow up to USD 350,000 and you can choose a maturity of between 1 and 15 years. With a consumer loan, you thus have the opportunity to borrow larger amounts to cover the purchase of a horse, and you can choose a longer maturity so you have a longer period to pay off in.

Quick loan

The default loan , on the other hand, is a fast-repayable loan that must be repaid quickly. Here you have the opportunity to borrow up to USD 6,000 in some cases up to USD 10,000, which must be repaid within 30 days.

These are loans with fairly high interest rates, so it is important that this loan is repaid quickly. However, it is possible to borrow for free from some providers the first time you borrow – provided that you repay the loan within the 30 days.

Horse loan – more options

Horse loan - more options


There are many different loan providers on the market and it can therefore be difficult to find out where to find the right loan. At the same time, it is important that you do not simply take out a loan from the first and best loan providers you find, as the different loan providers can offer different terms.

Ultimately, therefore, there can be a lot of money to be saved by choosing the right loan provider. Here you have the opportunity to compare the different loan providers with each other, so you can easily find out where it is best for you to lend her. Simply use our loan calculator here on the site to get the overview.